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Our History


  • Morris Chia travels to the USA on business and recognizes the transformation taking place in the traditional bricks and mortar travel agency segment - emerging technologies are allowing businesses to operate with home-based employees. Chia brings this mentality back to his home base in Winnipeg, Canada, combines it with his passion for travel, and goes about setting up a travel agency solution whereby all agents are home-based and independent - essentially allowing entrepreneurs to enter the travel industry, own their agency business, and outsource their back-office accounting and ticketing requirements. Chia sets out to create an innovative, cost-effective solution for those entering the travel industry without any previous experience, providing complete training and back-office support services.
  • Chia, along with his wife, Laurie, found Independent Agency Services (IAS) and Travel Professionals International (TPI) at its first location in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District.
  • (Also in 1994, future IAS-owned corporation, International Golf & Ski, is founded in Winnipeg by Bruce Gerbrandt.)
1995 - 2000
  • TPI expands across Canada, including into Atlantic Canada with the acquisition of former agents of Team Travel.
  • Following the events of September 11, 2001, many traditional bricks and mortar travel agencies have financial difficulties. Awareness of TPI’s low-overhead and independent model increases and large gains are felt by the company.
  • TPI moves into its new (and current to this day) custom-designed worldwide headquarters, offering a state-of-the-art training facility, enhanced technological backbone, and room for the company to grow its team.
  • Salisbury Cruises Limited (Grace Anne II and Turtle Bay Lodge) is acquired by IAS.
  • TPI has over 400 members.
  • TPI creates the industry-leading Velocity agent rewards program.
  • TPI opens a regional office in Mississauga, Ontario.
  • TPI opens a regional office in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Following the success of its Associate program, TPI launches the Affiliate program - customized for experienced agents
  • TPI opens a regional office in Calgary, Alberta.
  • TPI has over 500 members.
  • TPI doubles the size of its Calgary, Alberta, operations after establishing an office in the city only one year prior.
  • TPI has over 600 members.
  • Phil Sproul joins TPI as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
  • TPI acquires International Golf & Ski.
  • Corporate Travel Solutions (CTS) is launched by IAS.
  • TPI acquires Toronto-based Travel Source Network (TSN) and its 150 home-based agents
  • Host Agency Solutions (HAS) is launched by IAS.
  • Phil Sproul is appointed President of IAS.
  • IAS launches 15th Anniversary celebrations consisting of fifteen months of festivities and promotions through TPI.
  • TPI has over 700 members.
  • TPI has over 800 members.