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Blending for Success
01/03/2006 - Travel Professionals International

A TPI Associate is Appointed as Regional Director for Canada for the Rotary International Fellowship of Travel Agents (IFTA)

Barbara Fisk, a TPI Associate from Toronto, Ontario, is in the business of blending. “As a TPI Associate, I am always looking for niche markets that coincide not only with my personal travel interests, but my overall lifestyle and interest in community service.”

Joining TPI in October of 2001, Barbara had recently returned to Canada from living abroad in countries from the United Kingdom to Japan. With a background in education and project management, she set out with a TPI Associateship to compliment her Convention Management business. TPI wouldn’t be the only new avenue of growth for Barbara in 2001, as that would be the year she would also join Rotary International. With her dual loves of travel and service now being incubated, Barbara was moving forward on a path she created from her passions.

Mix equal parts i) passion for travel, ii) devotion to service, and iii) hard work. Stir. Bake for 4 years. Voila! Barbara is appointed the Regional Director for Canada for the Rotary International Fellowship of Travel Agents (IFTA).

"We couldn't be more proud of Barbara," said Morris Chia, President & CEO of TPI.

“As a member of Rotary, and knowing that Rotarians travel frequently and widely, it is a natural blend of a vocational opportunity and service,” explained Fisk.

A true communicator, it is best to let Barbara explain her intentions in her own words:

“Rotarians often travel for international aid projects going to countries all over the world. They also are always seeking fundraising opportunities. As a travel agent, I can assist with targeted group travel for aid projects (Rotarians pay their own way) or fundraising schemes (our District has a Cruise this year or our own club Cruise/Resort Package raffle last year), facilitate travel for the District Group Study Exchange (teams of 8, 25-45 year old, young business people away for 6 weeks each year in another country learning about it and their professions) offer general travel for delegates and their families to the world-wide annual conventions, and also gain a wider reputation as a general and trusted travel agent.”

From service to business, Barbara sets an excellent example of blending what you absolutely love in life and cannot live without into business opportunity. Join community groups, get involved, and get your name out there. Fulfill a passion for service, help other people through volunteering, and see opportunities at the same time. Find a way to compliment your life through business, and your business through life. In business and in life, blend what you love and you will find success.