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TPI Contracts SMP Training to Boost Sales
01/03/2006 - Travel Professionals International

Travel Professionals International (TPI) is pleased to announce it has contracted industry renowned trainer, Steve Crowhurst, of SMP Training, to create and deliver monthly training to TPI associates, geared exclusively toward helping TPI Associates boost their sales and build their travel business.

With topics ranging from business planning to brand building to sales tactics, Crowhurst provides an invaluable resource to TPI Associates looking to expand their knowledge and increase their sales.

“This is a wonderful project,” said Crowhurst, “TPI as a company, from the top down, is 100% committed to education and certification and the TPI associates I am training are excited about the industry they have invested in and the greatest thing of all – they turn up! Complacency doesn’t live here that’s for sure!”

Coupled with other ongoing training initiatives, such as “On the Road with TPI and Tim” and Carl Henderson’s “TPI Traveler” journal (, TPI continues on its path to offer leading edge industry training and affirms it’s commitment to the raising the bar of ongoing education of the travel industry and specifically TPI Associates.