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Management Team Shifts at TPI
09/24/2007 - Travel Professionals International

Travel Professionals International (TPI), Canada’s largest network of home-based agents, announces the transition of Carl Henderson from the position of Director of Marketing & Communications to TPI Associate, and the appointment of Melanie Carter to the newly created position of National Marketing Manager.

Henderson, who has been with TPI in various capacities for several years, has decided to immediately join the ranks of TPI’s Associate program as an experienced agent.

"I have enjoyed my position with TPI more than any other job – working with the great Head Office team, our suppliers, and most of all the entrepreneurial TPI Associates. After years of helping [TPI Associates] build their businesses and dreams, I now can't wait to get started on building my own," exclaimed Henderson.

In a recent memo to TPI Associates announcing Henderson’s transition, Morris Chia, TPI’s President & CEO, said, “While we are understandably sad to see Carl go, we are excited that he is pursuing his first love and honoured that he has chosen to do so within the TPI family.”

Taking over many of Henderson’s previous roles, Melanie Carter joins TPI in the position of National Marketing Manager. With 19 years of experience in the travel industry, Carter holds her CTM designation, is a Board Member of the Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC), and is the Regional Chair and a National Board Member for the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA).

When asked what brought her to TPI, Carter replied that TPI is “a dynamic and innovative company that understands the potential of the travel industry and the needs of its customers.”

Henderson’s transition and Carter’s appointment are effective immediately, with Carter joining TPI’s National Training Manager, Emilyn Salvador, in traveling across the country facilitating TPI’s 2007 Fall Regional events in October 2007.