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TPI Strategizes in Jamaica
07/27/2006 - Travel Professionals International

Outlining a path of aggressive improvements and growth for Canada's home-based travel leader, managers of Travel Professionals International (TPI) met from July 20-23, in Jamaica, to lay out the foundation for the next phase of TPI's Strategic Plan. The three day meeting, which took place at TPI Preferred Partner Sandals' Whitehouse was attended by Associate Development Managers (ADMs) and members of TPI's Management Team.

"As TPI continues to grow at a rapid pace," explains Morris Chia, TPI's President & CEO, "it is important that we understand where we've come from, and have a clear and planned approach to where we want to go."

With a wide-reaching vision that looks to solidify TPI as the undisputed leader in its field, the plan contains objectives that focus primarily on streamlining, through technological efficiencies and tools, and continuing to build service levels through human resources. Follow-through on the plan will have TPI poised to continue strengthening its existing networks of 500 Associates across Canada, all the while focusing on new areas of growth.

"Strategic planning is an important exercise in acknowledging the needs and wants of the stakeholders of any organization, and TPI understands the need for an organic plan encompassing all areas of our business which will take us miles beyond any competition we may face," adds Tim Morgan, TPI's Interim Director of Marketing & Communications.